Why I Blog

So, someone left me a message asking me why I chose to share my personal life on a blog.
In answer to this question, I really don’t have just one reason.
When I got engaged, I was told not to do it. I was told that I was too young and too inexperienced to get married. I was told it wouldn’t last the first year. I didn’t understand what they were talking about because I had already lived with him for 4 years. What was going to be different?
So, I looked online for marriage advice for young people. I looked and looked and looked. I found a bunch of sites with advice about cheating spouses, broken homes, drugs, and all that. What about normal relationship advice??? What about regular relationships where nothing bad goes on? Is that too dull for the internet?
Honestly, I am not writing the blog for anyone but myself. It sounds mean, I hope no one takes offense, but I write it for myself because I know that somewhere out there, there are people that might be going through the same things I am or have been through. Maybe someone is online right this minute looking for that “normalcy” that this blog is offering. Who knows?
I also write this blog because I am excited that people were reading my boring life and sending me messages, agreeing and disagreeing, and just having fun with it. Thanks to everyone, by the way.
So, this is why I started the blog.

It’s kind of a little diary that I happen to share with others. 🙂

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