My husband, the gamer

At the beginning of my relationship with my husband, it was hard for me to accept that he played online games and enjoyed things that I always found were “nerdy.” He would spend hours on a computer, with a headset, talking to people who were “in his guild” or “raiding with him.” We went out a lot, but after he would just jump on his online games and be on there for hours.
Fast forward to 8 years later…………..
Yeah.. I enjoy a lot of the things that he enjoys. I play some of the games he plays.
From my experience and in my humble opinion, I like that he’s home and not off doing other things. Everyday, I hear stories of significant others cheating and doing things they shouldn’t be doing.
I feel lucky that my hubby is a bit of a “home-body.” I like the fact that he has his friends over the house more than going anywhere else.
The other day I was lisening to a morning radio show on the way to work and they were talking about this very same subject. All the women that called in, and a few men too, were complaining about the fact that their S.O. was a gamer. I feel the complete opposite now. I’m kinda glad he is!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the subject!

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