Something I have learned in the past eight years of being with my husband is that jealousy is quite an ugly quality.
I used to be a very jealous girl. I was the type of girl that couldn’t stand for her boyfriend to have any exes as friends. I didn’t like for my boyfriends to call other girls things like “sweetie” or “honey.”
My husband had TONS of girl friends, so when we started dating, it was hard for me to adjust. A lot of his girl friends stopped talking to him because they were scared of me. I was not friendly at all to them.
My husband isn’t a jealous guy, so to get me to understand his point of view, he would play the jealous role and get me to my boiling point. Back then, my husband dropped his exes as friends because he saw a future with me. I am sure that was hard to do, and have no idea how he really dealt with dating such a jealous person.
In some aspects I still am jealous, but I let him have his friends. The girl friends he does have are our mutual friends.

What is your relationship like with your significant other? Are you the jealous type or are you layed back?

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