a little bit about us.

I am 27 years old and my husband is 28. We are going on 8 years together in March (2011). We’ve been living together since 2003, and married since 2006. We were friends before we were anything else, and I think that is why we are so close.
We own our own home in a busy city, and have no children as of yet. My husband is a teacher, and I am just graduating college with my B.A. in Elementary Education. We were both born and raised in the same city, and we are both children of cuban parents. I was raised by my grandmother and my mother, and he was raised by his mother and his grandparents. He was also raised by his father, but he died when he was in his early teens.
We have lots in common: food, music, wine, parties, and anything else that makes us a social couple. We actually met at a party, so it’s in our nature to go out and have a great time as much as possible. Of course, there are many responsibilities that keep us grounded, so now we don’t party as much as we’d like. That’s life, I guess. 🙂


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